In the world’s sport, soccer, one practices drills for specific plays; however, during most of a game the players are on their own applying what they know to new situations as they develop. 

Typically, in a 90 minute game of soccer, less than 7 minutes are spent executing fixed plays. The majority of the time of play is called “free play.” During this time, players must transform drills and fundamental knowledge of the game to successful execution with the team.  In the business world, we must do the same.  Rarely do all events go in a nice pre-planned manner.  We have to apply what we know to new and often unforeseen situations – quite like soccer.  

“We approach developing people as a wilderness outfitter would prepare a client for an adventure.”

We are a group of experienced professionals from the corporate world that also have a passion for teaching and helping companies and people reach their highest potential.

So, we decided to create FPI to equip companies and people with what they need to improve and grow, by giving them the tools they need, so that they can keep growing on their own.

That is our passion. We take pride in providing our customers, the companies themselves or the individual professionals that work for them, with the tools they need to become effective and excel. And then, they will never stop!

"The original name of our business, FreePlay, Inc. , reminds us daily of this challenge to overcome the unexpected in the adventure of business."

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