“My company has great managers. They are very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. However, they come from different educational backgrounds. I need to set a knowledge base line on leading others. ​ Where do I even start?”
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“I oversee many people in different departments. I can’t look at each one of the process to identify opportunities for improvements. I need each one of them to be able to identify those. How do I train them to be able to do that?”​
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“As a customer service manager, I oversee 9 Customer Service Reps. I want to grow in the company, however, to do that I need to prepare a successor. How do I teach them all the skills they will need to take my place? I know what skills they need, but I am not a teacher?”​
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At FPI we believe our purpose is to develop people in order to make them and their organizations successful in their goals. Through customized learning programs and varied delivery methods, we aim to give clients a new view on business-oriented thinking.

We also believe the training and education is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. That’s why at FPI, we develop different training programs, to solve the various challenges that professionals face when it comes to developing people in order to promote business growth.


We can help you achieve the mission, vision, and bottom line of your organization.​ Employees who understand their impact on the business bottom line can become positive contributors to organizations. 

We help your employees understand and value the fact that each one of us impacts the organization’s bottom line, regardless of occupation or business sector. 

We can develop a program to cater to employees at all levels. They will gain understanding and appreciation of how individuals impact the organization’s success in:

  • achieving mission
  • vision
  • innovation
  • quality
  • customer satisfaction,
  • and overall excellence.

We can support your training and development personnel in working with individuals, teams, and departments.

We develop customized training to your organization’s specific needs.

We can help you by developing your most important resources, the human ones.

Throughout our work, we encourage people to get up, get moving; interact, think, and make connections. We do not “tell them what to think,” rather, we provide them with opportunities to consider, discover, and truly learn.

Certifying Experiential Learning

This delivery method revolves around teaching from life experiences. We do this through hands on training and mentoring. Once the course is over, we offer an online refresher and then an online certification test. Clients who go through experiential learning find themselves saying:

“Oh yeah, I do know that!”

“Ah, so that’s what it’s called.”

“I’ve been doing that ever since…”

Building Foundations for Deep Skills Applications

With this delivery method, the initial work can be completed online. The focus of this method is to familiarize individuals with what is to come. This gets them ready for the hard work of immersion into experiential learning and development.

Building the Culture of an Organization

This method is face to face and action/activities based. We use interactive methods to build connections between the organization’s individuals, thereby creating positive and productive team relationships while also building skills and abilities important for the job.

We can help you teach and train others in ways that will maximize effective learning.

Developing competencies in training and teaching others is critical in creating effective learning environments and achieving desired learning outcomes. We utilize best practices and current theory/methodology in adult learning and cognition to help you understand how to reach those you teach. Our expertise includes face to face and online instructional settings.

We can assist you in developing your teaching skills; we can also develop instructional materials for you while collaborating with you and your SMEs to design learning that meets your organizational needs.

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