We are improvement outfitters who apply our expertise and experience to improving people and processes for your organization.

The Three P’s

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At FPI, we build content for each client; each of these examples are but a launching point. We tailor the depth of knowledge and experience to your organization’s needs.

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Our Story

We, at FPI, collaborate closely with our clients to create and implement innovative systems for developing leaders and putting efficiency in to practice.  We are catalysts to help you make the transition from where you are to where you want to be. We work toward implementing solutions and creating tools/systems to accelerate improving processes. Unique to our approach, we outfit you with tools for your journey, aiding you in the work, adventure, challenge and in identifying what fundamental shifts in thinking allow you to choose to think/act significantly more effectively.

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The Three P’s


Establishing trust, inspiring others to action, focusing beyond themselves, building excellent communication. We achieve this by building people’s abilities to:

  • grow and engage in deeper, reflective thinking
  • take what they know further and apply it in new ways
  • develop expertise
  • contribute to their communities of influence (at home, work, and beyond)

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Acquiring depth of experience by applying process analysis tools to improve profitability across a variety of types of organizations. We achieve this through:

  • teaching design and continuous improvement
  • modeling and teaching excellence through action
  • developing process improvement thinking/tools within your organization

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Facilitating an increase in your performance and contribution in all transactions. Enhanced performance can be seen in multiple, different ways, including:

  • achievement-oriented outcomes
  • successful growth
  • organizational vision and strategy

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